How to be a Self-Directed Learner

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Self-directed learning is when a learner takes the reins of the educational process without the help of other people. For example, they identify and diagnose their own learning needs, create learning goals, and find resources for their learning. They also choose and implement learning strategies, and evaluate their learning outcomes. Many times when we try to learn a new skill on our own, we are taking part in self-directed learning. These tips will guide you on your way to becoming a successful self-directed learner.

Become Motivated

Before taking on the task of self-directed learning, you need to make sure you are motivated. To do this, you will need to take responsibility for your learning by planning your goals and outcomes. Organize your goals by deciding what you want to accomplish, then figure out how you are going to accomplish it. For example, if you want to learn photography, think about what your goals are for trying to learn this skill, and how will you achieve them.

Manage Your Behaviors

Once you have figured out your goals and learning outcomes, you need to figure out how to manage yourself in order to achieve them. Think about it like this: what are the behaviors you need in order to succeed? What if a problem arises? What will you need to do in order to solve it? Write a list of all the traits that help manage time and learning, and figure out how you can adjust your behaviors to fit those traits.

Monitor Your Activities

While working through the activities, monitor your actions. Reflect on the activities, and determine if your goals are being met. You can do this by assessing your activities through a variety of projects. If you are not achieving the outcomes that you outlined before, then it might be time to refocus and modify your behaviors.

Modifying Behaviors

Use the feedback from your projects to modify any behaviors that are stopping you from achieving your goals. Though self-directed learning does not involve other people, you might want to get feedback from someone else if you are unsure of what type of modifications are needed. To Read More About Education, See Below: Top 4 Tips to Jumpstart Brain Performance

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