Health & Happiness: 10 Health Benefits Of House Plants

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Houseplants offer numerous benefits to nearly every organ in your body. Here's what you stand to gain from greening up your home. Most of us know that traditionally, house plants have been gifted as housewarming gifts - in fact, most of us have probably given a plant or two ourselves. But did you know that there is more than just tradition behind this gesture? There are real health benefits, both physiological and psychological, to having plants in your home. Here are the ten most notable.

*Increased Happiness *

Research has shown that the presence of plants leads to reduced stress and anxiety, increased feelings of calm, a marked improvement in mood and self-esteem and increased feelings of optimism and control. Plants also help ease feelings of depression and promote a general sense of well-being.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Studies performed in hospitals showed that patients with plants in their rooms had lower blood pressure and heart rates than patients whose rooms did not contain plants.

Faster Recovery From Illness

Patients in hospital rooms with plants recover faster and, on average, are released from the hospital earlier than patients in rooms without plants.

*Negating Cigarette Smoke *

Did you know that a plant's ability to purify the air extends to removing the pollutants contained in cigarette smoke? The Peace Lily in particular is an excellent choice if you're a smoker or live with one and you want to reduce the effects of cigarette smoke on others in the house.

Humidifying the Air

Plants are natural humidifiers, breathing moisture into the air we breathe, which is helpful for preventing dryness in the skin, throat, nose and lips, and can help ward off cold and flu symptoms.

Improved Sleep** **

Plants can help promote deep sleep by giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. The Gerbera daisy is not just a pretty flower, it's an excellent oxygen producer and a great addition to your bedroom to help improve your sleep.

Improved Mental Health

Caring for something living is great therapy when you're depressed or lonely. Pets are not allowed in many places, but plants are a great alternative.

Sharper Focus and Mental Acuity

By increasing the oxygen in the air you breathe and removing pollutants, plants improve your concentration and memory, heighten your attention and improve your creativity.

Treatment of Ailments

Plants can be great in first aid for a variety of ailments. To name a few, Aloe Vera is great first aid for burns, while Comfrey and Arnica can help with bruises and sprains, Calendula heals wounds and soothes skin, and Chamomile soothes an upset stomach. With a minimal initial outlay and no ongoing costs, living with plants could well be the best decision you ever made for your health.

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