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Tara Lemana
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Health & Happiness: 10 Health Benefits Of House Plants

**Houseplants offer numerous benefits to nearly every organ in your body. Here's what you stand to gain from greening up your home.** Most of us know that traditionally, house plants have been gifted as housewarming gifts -...

Pesticide-Free Pest Proofing for Your Garden

**You don't need toxic chemicals to keep pests off your plants.** If you're a keen home gardener, you've probably struggled with pests out to ruin your hard-raised crops. If you are ready to avoid pests but concerne...

Indoor and Outdoor: How to Create and Sustain a Container Garden

**Container gardens are a great way to increase green space without a backyard. Here's how to pick, plant and manage a beautiful indoor or porch garden.** Container gardens are a fantastic option for those who want their ow...

Lawnmowers, Ponds and Toxic Plants: Childproofing Your Backyard for Summer

**There are unique hazards for children in a warm, sun-filled backyard. Observe these tips for a safe, happy summer.** Summer. Warmth, sunshine, swimming pools and beaches; backyard barbecues and long memorable days outside. Bu...


It's a strange and tangled thing, Motherhood. Most of us who call ourselves mothers were, at one time or another, something different altogether. We were daughters, sisters, aunts, lovers, friends. We were extroverts, introvert...

A Superhero's Guide to Living Better

The great thing about being a Superhero is that every day, no matter how much you didn't sleep, you wake up full of awesome. You jump out of bed, and with a "Tally-Ho!", you don your cape and off you go to vanquish villains. Yo...

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