Crazy for Colourpop: Find Out What the Craze Is All About

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Social media has been proven as instrumental in propelling businesses to the top. By establishing direct connections with their target market, companies are able to create buzz for their brands, especially within bloggers and influencers who have built loyal and engaged followings. These modern brand ambassadors help thousands of products -- indies included – to rise to global fame through a powerful extension of simple word-of-mouth advertising.

The SoCal makeup company Colourpop is a huge name in cosmetics right now, competing with big internet brands such as Gerard Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner, Melt Cosmetics, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. With millions of followers on social media, these brands are extremely popular among cosmetics and beauty enthusiasts. Colourpop has a notable 2 million Instagram fans fueling brand investments on quality improvement, packaging, delivery and connecting with consumers.

While Colourpop's competitors seem to be using the same marketing playbook, 90% of businesses use social media to create traffic and brand exposure, they are not realizing the same results. So, let's take a closer look at some Colourpop attributes to better understand why the brand is having so much success.

Top Quality, Quick Delivery and Affordable Price

Colourpop is affordable and big on quality. For consumers who budget for the latest trends, any brand that does not break the bank is enticing. Colourpop has managed to maintain its low prices without sacrificing its products' properties and features. Customers also enjoy a quick turnaround on orders of the latest lines.

Connected with Consumers

Colourpop establishes a connection with consumers by being ever-present where its target market is spending their time. So, the company speaks directly to consumers through social media instead of resorting to traditional advertising campaigns. In July 2016, Colourpop ventured into global shipping to respond to a consumer concern most likely gathered from its social media connections.

The Kylie Jenner Factor

Colourpop's mysterious ties with what consumers once believed was the company's biggest competitor, Kylie Jenner's cosmetics, seemed to have created more buzz and customers for the brand. For some time, the internet had been inundated with posts surrounding the mysterious tie-in until the sister brands' owners at Seed Beauty clarified the relationship. The "conspiracy theory" had fanned the flames within their social communities, likely selling more for both brands.

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