Conan takes a funny spin in the U2, Apple ‘debacle’

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We've heard a lot of people lashing at Apple for the past several days because the tech giant surprised its iTunes users with a free gift - U2's latest album called Songs of Innocence. Apple has since responded by installing an app that will enable its iTunes users to remove the free U2 album from their list. According to reports, the project between Apple and the legendary band U2 which involved a hefty sum of $100 million had been largely snubbed by the 33 million iTunes users who did not want the free album clogging their list. The iTunes users' reasons for not liking the freebie may boggle the minds of millions of Generation Xers who grew up adoring U2 especially during the band's prime in the '80s and the '90s but in 2014, the modern world's "ungrateful" response to Apple's generosity is quite understandable. Some of Apple's iTunes customers reacted on social media saying they did not know the legendary Irish band and their music, did not like either the band's music or their album, did not think that music should be given away for free and definitely did not like Apple's way of surprising them with a gift that they did not even ask for. Conan O'Brien made a mock video spoofing Apple's response to the modern generation who disliked the freebie by coming up with a solution to erase U2 from the young users' memory. Conan will help you erase the U2 record from your mind For many Generation Xers who believe U2 is one of the greatest bands in music history without having to justify or explain the genius behind the band's music, we thought Conan's video is hilarious. And quite frankly, we couldn't agree more.

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