Apps Dominate Web Activity, Where is Your Mobile Content?

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With mobile web on the decline and apps dominating, how should you approach mobile content? Analysts have declared mobile web dead.While others argue there are sure signs of life left in mobile content, it's clear that app usage is currently dominating consumption habits. By the end of 2013, mobile app use grew 115 percent and showed growth in each category, according to research from Flurry Analytics. Apps is dominating the world of mobile as users spend more time on apps than mobile web.

How Apps Beat Web

If you step back from our mobile-centered culture, it seems counter-intuitive to consider apps' popularity. After all, downloading software seems so last century. When the web became big business in the mid-90's, the promise was that everything could be run by browser and you'd never need to download again. That business model carried over to the mobile web when web designers thought carefully designed web pages would only need tweaking to appear mobile-ready. Today, the average user spends 80 percent of their mobile time inside an app. Apps won the day because of speed and user experience. Downloading a mobile app is nothing like installing software from the ancient days of the desktop. The simplicity and power of apps make them the first choice for people on a busy schedule.

App Content

The reign of apps signifies a new era for mobile content consumption. Content creators need to focus more of their efforts on apps and less time generating or curating for the mobile web. For content creators interested in getting started on a mobile app, the best place to start is with videos and guides on basic app creation. Here's how you get started:
- Figure out what kind of app best represents your brand. You'll need to make the most out of smartphone functionality in order to stand out among other mobile downloads.
- Follow along with one of these helpful tutorials. App building can seem daunting to beginners, but there's lots of help for the uninitiated.
These will help business people without any coding experience frame their ideas for development and possibly launch their own app. In any case, there's no time to delay. Mobile moves fast. Photo Credit: MSVG via Flickr.

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