Air Filter Tips for Homeowners

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Suffering from severe headaches, asthma, breathing problems or wheezing? It might be from a dirty air filter. The Centers for Disease and Control or CDC has released a study about the number of asthma and allergy cases that are on the rise each year. About one in twelve people have asthma or allergy related symptoms and that amounts to about 25 million people. Primary contributors to allergy and asthma related symptoms include pet dander, dust, mites, ragweed and other allergens or airborne debris that can come from air conditioners that haven't been properly cleaned or serviced. With each season, homeowners should change their air filters and if they have pets or smoke, they may need to do it more often.

In an air filtration study by the National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, it was determined that clean air filters help to reduce allergic respiratory diseases. As homeowners turn off our air conditioners in the fall, and get ready to turn them on in the spring, these are great times to clean dirty filters. Forgetting an air filter can cause all sorts of problems that add up. These handy tips can help homeowners better understand about dirty air filters from their air conditioning and ways to prevent allergies, decrease asthma related symptoms and save on high energy bills.

Air ducts can get dirty and affect the air quality people are breathing in each day. If a homeowner finds that they or anyone in their family is suffering from headaches, allergies or colds, it might be from dust mites, dirt, debris and residue from a dirty filter that lets pollen, dirt and other debris into their rooms.
A clogged filter needs to be cleaned and changed. Air filters need to be cleaned to ensure they function properly and don't restrict your A/C's air flow. A blocked or clogged filter can damage your air conditioning unit and damage the coils. It can also cause the air handler to have to work harder which can lead to damaging essential parts to your heating and cooling system. It can also raise your energy bill each month.

Dirty coils can also contribute to higher costs in monthly cooling. If a homeowner's bill is high each month, their A/C may need to be cleaned. Dirt in the coils can cause your system to freeze up hindering your cooling system from working properly.

Changing the filters is a simple way to clear out the dirt and dust that builds up. Some homeowners check their filter monthly and ideally change their filters every two to three months.

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