A Ten Minute Workout for Moms-On-The-Go

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The life of a parent has many roles; housekeeper, teacher, nurturer and more. The slightest bit of extra time is always given to the children, leaving barely any time for any outside activity that doesn't involved them. Keeping fit and staying healthy can be one of those major activities that are difficult to maintain, but extremely important to practice. Advertisement William Kelley, certified trainer and teacher at Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, suggests that moms go at their own pace, whether they watch a video or join a group fitness class. "Listen to your body but also choose exercises that will challenge and strengthen as well." Kelley teaches a boot camp in addition to group fitness. "In my boot-camp class, I teach exercises in one-minute intervals such as planks or burpees," he adds, "Cardio kickboxing is another excellent way to get a 10-minute workout at your own pace, whether at home or in our class." Add free weights to your workout, or if free weights aren't in your reach, cans of soup or baby formula will do just fine. Melissa Crossman, a mom of four and trainer of Vermont Sports and Fitness Club in Rutland, said her favorite exercises would be for moms with little or no time. Crossman, who carries a BS in exercise science and is a certified personal trainer, said, "If you have the time and the finances, sign up with a health club that provides daycare. It's a great way to meet other moms, and get in some social time, not only for you but for your children." She said that hiring a personal trainer can get you on the right track to a healthy exercise routine. "Schedule some one-on-one time with a trainer at least once a week to meet and get a workout and exercise guidance." She added that the best way to get in at least 10 minutes is to is to follow a program that is provided on TV. "They are very well balanced and professional, whether you choose heavy training or yoga." Gianna Skates is a mom, yoga teacher and massage therapist with Wellness for Life in Rutland, who said that being a mom doesn't have to mean giving up your fitness and health routine. "When you take your kids to the park, it's the perfect place to get in some exercise time." She gives safe, effective and fun examples of exercises that any mom can implement when they go to the park. "Arm dips on the bench are perfect for shaping the arms (triceps)! Sit on the bench with your back upright, and then extend your legs out in front of you, keeping your arms and hands under your shoulders. Slowly lower your body so that your arms are bent, then slowly brings your body back to seated position." The next exercise she presents is one that helps lower back pain. "If you're a mom, you've carried your children on your on your back and hips! Find the monkey bars and grab on with both hands, letting your body hang limp. Then, bring your knees up to your stomach, and lower them back down, repeat this motion three to eight times, for 10 repetitions. Not only are you providing relief for your lower back, you are focusing on strengthening your core and abs as well."

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