5 Ways To Practice Self-Care At Work

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Self-care is having a coming-out, of sorts.

It is no longer something that we do in the privacy of our own homes, meditating behind closed doors or slipping off to spas and gyms for a much needed massage or run.

According to the poll, three in every 10 said they are either often or always burnt out at work, and roughly 7 in 10 said they have experienced some burnout. GETTY IMAGES/WESTEND61

Self-care has moved from somewhat taboo and self-indulgent to necessary for success in our fast-paced, hard-driving world because it's become central to our creativity, our passion and our sanity at work.

A 2018 Gallup poll of 7,500 respondents suggests that young people are "more likely than workers in older generations to say that they always or very often feel burned out at work." According to the poll, 3 in 10 said they are either often or always burnt out at work, and roughly 7 in 10 said they have experienced some burnout.

Those who are always or often professionally drained are 63 percent more likely to take a sick day, and they're nearly three times as likely to leave their current employer. Factors that contribute to burnout include horrendous bosses, a lack of a work-life balance and unmanageable workloads.

So, how can you prevent becoming weary and exhausted at work? Here are five subtle things you can do at the office to calm, center and refocus your energy — and ensure long-term career success.

Read my story over at Forbes for more.

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