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Writing For Scripted

Whether you’re just starting out as a writer or you’ve been with us for years, there’s always something new to learn about writing for Scripted. Please see below for materials on a variety of Scripted writer processes.

Applying to Be a Writer on Scripted

Learn about the application process for becoming a Scripted writer, including review criteria, application structure and time restrictions.

A Glossary of Scripted Terms

Scripted writers, jobs and processes go by a variety of names. Both novice and veteran Scripted writers can occasionally find themselves confused by our platform’s lingo. Check out our guide to Scripted terms above.

How to Succeed as a Scripted Writer

If you’re looking to become a prolific Scripted writer, check out our article for tips on landing more jobs, increasing your pay and enhancing your freelance career.

Scripted Workflow: The Life of a Job

Ever wonder about the paths that a Scripted job can take? We break it down for you in this article.

Understanding Pitching, Pitch Workflow & Pitch States

Want to write on topics that interest you? Pitch your idea to a Scripted customer. Here, we demystify the Scripted pitching process with a guide to all things pitching.