March Limerick Contest

We have so many great writers at Scripted
Who know limericks are rarely outwitted
In honor of St. Pat’s
And leprechaun hats
They’ve penned their best poems and submitted

To read all of the submissions see the table of contents below. Make sure to vote for your favorite and the winner will be announced on St. Patrick’s Day!

1. Lass Named Yvonne – Joseph S.
2. On the Subject of Doubt- Paul L.
3. A Leprechaun Told Me – Tim S.
4. Young Man Called Patrick – Malcolm C.
5. Saint Patrick’s Life – Miranda G.
6. Young Lad Named Chuck – Jennifer M.
7. Writer So Slick – Cheryl B.
8. Guy Name O’Putin – Jeff M.
9. Yard Without Snow – Amanda J.
10. Drunk Quinn – Nick C..

Lass Named Yvonne

By Joseph S.

There once was a lass named Yvonne
Her eyes were as green as a lawn
On her way to the well
She tripped and she fell
She still had her sleeping mask on

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On the Subject of Doubt

By Paul L.

St. Pat, on the subject of doubt,
Proclaimed o’er the rim of his stout:
“A man is most true
After hoisting a few;
That may be what keeps him devout.”

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A Leprechaun Told Me

By Tim S.

A leprechaun told me, “I hear
It’s riches you’d like to appear.
Since I don’t exist,
My pot of gold’s mist —
You’d better keep writing, my dear!”

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Young Man Called Patrick

By Malcolm C.

There was a young man called Patrick,
Who liked to perform the odd hat trick.
He pulled off his hat,
Pulled out a bat,
And fashioned a fabulous house brick.

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Saint Patrick’s Life

By Miranda G.

Saint Patrick’s life started quite grim;
He was made slave on an Irish whim.
God told him to flee
And teach Christianity,
Now all the Irish lift a drink to him.

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Young Lad Named Chuck

By Jennifer M.

There once was a young lad named Chuck.
Who worked hard to get his life unstuck.
He collected clovers in shades of green
And drove out snakes that were mean,
But in the end all he had was bad luck.

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Writer So Slick

By Cheryl B.

There once was a writer so slick
She found a remarkable trick
To combat her writer’s block
She caught a leprechaun under a rock
And got him to help write her limerick.

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Guy Name O’Putin

By Jeff M.

There once was this guy name o’ Putin,
whose own horn he always was tootin;.
His Olympic moment be grand,
but overplayed he his hand,
’cause for Ukraine we all are a rootin!

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Yard Without Snow

By Amanda J.

I once had a yard without snow
Where it is now I don’t know
Until it comes back
I’ll drink Gentleman Jack
And bask in the neon white glow!

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Drunk Quinn

By Nick Callos

Atop the small chair sat drunk Quinn,
He sang songs of Saint Patrick’s kin,
A burp from his mouth,
A fart from down south,
More beer by the pier for the win.

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Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day limerick you want to share? You can enter the contest by submitting your limerick to by March 15th!