Writer Love: A Scripted Story

At Scripted, we are proud to offer writers an opportunity to do what they love. Check out how writer Amie B. finds fulfillment through Scripted.

We are many things, and we just want the chance to be all of them well. A woman with choices, a writer, a mother — working for Scripted makes me feel whole. Here’s my story.

I was a writer from the get-go. When I was little, my blustery teacher, Hurricane Hoye, urged me to keep writing. “You have beautiful words,” she told me, right before she threw my class’s Valentines violently across the floor, announcing wildly that we didn’t deserve a party. As a shy child, I might have cowered. Instead, I fell in love with her. She let me see the potential in myself and sparked my love of the written word – or at least revealed the knowledge that it was there.

As I grew, I experienced successes. In college, I reveled in the duality and genius of great poets. I felt passion as I studied literature. I knew words were in my genes and treasured this legacy. I thrived on the praise I received throughout my career. I loved when people that I considered smart told me that I was intelligent and an important part of the machine.

Later, I gave 100% to marriage and motherhood, and I became a stay-at-home mom to accomplish this.

Everything went so fast! Three children and 10 years later, I hit that day when I could see an end to my utility taunting me from a distance. My children still needed me, but in a different way. I felt doomed to disappear.

So, pulling myself up by my bootstraps, I began to plan my next step. Despite a terrible economy and employers that weren’t hiring – especially when it came to out-of-the-workforce moms looking for part-time gigs – I used my education and a prayer to attract a few clients and began freelancing.

I was more than just someone’s mom, but it was hard. Mercurial collaborations, feast-or-famine gigs, seemingly constant strep throats and impossible demands became my culture. Clients failed to pay; my husband’s support waned. The chaos was exhausting, messy and defeating.

Eventually I found Scripted as I searched for something more regular and less unpredictable – somewhere where my income could become a real validation that I truly was a working, paid writer.

And now, I am just that. Scripted allows me to be myself again — that old self that mattered and could contribute (and did!). It lets me do what I love: write and actually be a member of the workforce while still being there for my children. I am so grateful for the lovely work environment and the opportunity to shine.

I know my career here can grow with me — becoming more when I need it to. With Scripted, I choose my workload; there’s no attitude streaming through my screen. With reasonable deadlines and jobs suited to me, there’s no Mount Everest.

I also get the praise I so used to love. “You’re doing a great job!” “They loved your work!” Gosh, who’s been this nice to me in years? I appreciate it with an achingly grateful heart. And, I get paid — enough to justify juggling family and work, and finally helping my husband financially. No micromanagement. With quick and kind assistance always available, Scripted trusts its writers, making me proud to be here.

I have big hopes for Scripted, and I have big hopes for myself. For the first time in a while, I don’t have a question mark looming over my future, asking who I’ll be next. I’m a mother, a wife, a woman with a full life – and I’m a working writer. I love it. I love my story. Thank you, Scripted. You have no idea how much you mean to me and what you’ve done in helping me do what and be who I love.

How does Scripted let you do what you love? Share your experience in the comments.

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