Use Content Marketing to Expand Your Reach and Your Profits

Content marketing is an effective way to bring in new prospects and leads. For businesses to grow, they need to increase the number of customers they have, raise their prices or increase the amount of sales per customer. Content marketing can help because finding more targeted leads for your products or services is an ongoing challenge. After all, providing valuable content to old customers and new prospects turns them into better informed buyers. By hiring writers knowledgeable in your industry, you can create and distribute a steady supply of fresh and interesting content as part of your marketing campaigns.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one method of marketing your company. Instead of using press releases or sales sheets to sell your products or services, you use content to inform, educate and teach. With the right content, you establish your business as an authority.

There are many ways to market content. Content includes blog posts on the company website, or guest blog posts on industry blogs. Many companies have their own newsletter or ezine. These online publications need new articles all the time. Placing content on various article directories is an excellent technique for getting backlinks. Backlinks help to bring in more traffic to your site and, hopefully, converts those visitors into paying customers. Another option is to bundle several articles together on a given topic and call it a special report. You then offer this report for free on your website

A business owner can also submit articles under her own name to business journals or magazines. Some companies like to place content on social media sites. Anyplace that can bring in new leads is a good use of content.

Finding Content Writers

Some companies have lists of topics they want to discuss in the content they distribute. Other companies don’t have a clue. They just know they need content. A freelance writing marketplace is the perfect way to find qualified writers with expertise in a variety of industries and niches. As experienced writers, they can create relevant story ideas that your customers want to know about.

For companies that recognize the value of information, content marketing is a great way to attract and keep customers. By hiring content writers that understand their niche, companies have another marketing strategy that can show positive results in a short time.