Scripted Writer Webinar Recap: Interpreting Guidelines

Guidelines are a blessing and a curse to some writers. In our latest webinar, we discussed how best to locate and use information available in a job’s guidelines. 

Every Scripted job starts with a job description and a set of guidelines for a writer to follow. Occasionally, however, some information is lost in translation from the client to the writer, which can lead to mistaken guidance and unsuccessful jobs. In last week’s Scripted Writer Webinar, we went over several instances of guideline confusion and talked about how to best navigate guidelines that may be lacking information.

If you were unable to make the webinar last week, we highly recommend that you watch the recording here. If you can’t watch at the present moment, here were some key learning points to get you amped for your later viewing:

  1. How can writers find the most valuable information in a set of guidelines? In this section, we went over where to find all of the information you’ll need in a set of guidelines, including word count, job components and additional guidelines.
  2. What types of information are businesses required to include in all of their guidelines? In this section, we discussed the components of a job that businesses must include when they place an order, as well as any bonus information that you may find in a job’s description. We also discussed the order of information and the different titles each section of a job’s guidelines can hold.
  3. Why does the job description page look different? In this section, we discussed the changes that Scripted recently made to the business-facing side of our platform, which allows businesses to include more detailed information in their guidelines. We also discussed new features available for businesses, such as audio recordings, FAQs and other downloadable information.
  4. What happens if the job description page and the additional guidelines contradict one another? In this section, we went over several hypothetical guideline situations and how to approach a job with guidelines that don’t quite add up.
  5. When should I push the Insufficient Guidelines button? In this section, we discussed the do’s and do not’s of the Insufficient Guidelines button.

Again, we highly recommend that you view the webinar to fully understand the intricacies of guidelines and to learn about the new components of the job description page. Be sure to check your email for any new updates from Scripted on writer webinars, events, and more.

Thanks to everyone who attended! We hope to see even more of you at future webinars and events.

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