Introducing The New Scripted: Making It Easier For You to Get Written Content

Learn more about our rebranding and product upgrades.

Since 2011, we’ve written over 38 million words for thousands of businesses worldwide. With every piece of content we deliver, quality and experience are our top priorities for customers. As the demand for valuable written content rises — the kind that educates, informs and provokes action — we’ve made upgrades to ensure that kind of content is more attainable for marketers everywhere. I’m proud to introduce to you a new and improved Scripted, from rebranding our logo to redesigning our interface, marketers can now easily order quality content on-demand at an affordable price. Check out all of our awesome features below.

Topic Pitching, Easier Than Before

Don’t have a topic in mind for a piece of content? Don’t worry, Scripted Writers will pitch you a few ideas. Our writers can bring you a fresh, new perspective in a variety of industries with their creative minds. While this is a feature has been around for a while now, it’s now the first question we ask customers when they go to order content.

topic pitching scripted

Additionally, if you request a topic pitch for one piece of content you won’t receive just one pitch. You’ll receive three and have a choice to accept your favorite or reject the ones you’re not too keen about.

Intuitive Ordering Process

Who says ordering content can’t be fun? We think it is. Now, you can order written content through our quiz-like format that makes it easy and engaging. Rather than asking you to write a lot of boring text about your project, we ask you everything we need to know through intuitive and direct questions.

For example, we ask you about your content goals:

content goals

The style of writing you want:

style of writing

Your preferred content structure (if you’re ordering a blog post):
content structure

These are just a couple examples.

You also have the option to view a sample of each piece of content before you order it.

Audio Recording For Notes

Too busy to type in special instructions? If you find yourself strapped for time while you’re ordering content, you can easily record your notes using our new audio recorder. Simply press the red button and speak into your computer to let us know additional information for your content.

audio recorder

Live Chat For Extra Support

Previously, you had to email us if you had questions about ordering content. Now you can easily type in your questions/concerns and a Scripted customer success member will get back to you right away. This comes in handy if you have any questions at all during the ordering process.

To get in touch, click the “chat” circle at the lower left-hand of your screen.

chat circle

And then a customer success representative will be available to answer your questions.

tori chat box

Optimized For Mobile

Finally, we’ve optimized our app for mobile so customers can order their content on the go, on any mobile device.

Mobile Optimized Scripted

Attend an Upcoming Demo

If you want to learn more about our latest improvements, attend one of our daily tutorials below.

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