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How to Succeed as a Scripted Writer

Check out our guide on making the most of your Scripted experience.

While many of you have been Scripted writers for an extended period of time, you may not have had the chance to get as much out of Scripted as you hoped. If you’re looking to become a prolific Scripted writer, see below for our tips on landing more jobs, increasing your pay and enhancing your freelance career.

Apply for Specialties

While Industries no longer exist on the Scripted platform, Specialties are a great way to open up your writing opportunities even further. Specialty writers are able to speak knowledgeably on niche topics while also contributing a higher level of research to a piece. Specialty jobs also pay more per piece than other Scripted jobs. If you’re interested in becoming a Specialist in any of our Specialty areas, visit the Specialties section of your writer dashboard. Check out our full list of Specialties here to gain some inspiration and start looking through your portfolio for samples!

Raise Your Writer Score

The higher your writer score is, the sooner you’ll have access to jobs that you are eligible to complete. Your score is directly based off of your ability to successfully complete jobs according to quality standards and guideline adherence. To enhance your job claiming abilities, be sure that each of your Scripted assignments follows all guidelines, is free of errors and typos, and encompasses all required key points.

Pitch Your Ideas

Sometimes, the availability of jobs will change with the ebb and flow of customers’ needs. When your Unclaimed Jobs tab is looking a little more sparse than usual, it’s best to head to the Pitching tab of your writer dashboard to submit your ideas for customers who need content but are looking to you for inspiration. You can pitch in a multitude of subject areas — pick those that are most suited to your expertise and interests!

Want to be more creative with your pitching? Head to the Topic Marketplace section of your Pitching tab. Here, you can really let your creativity shine. For information on succeeding in the Topic Marketplace specifically, check out our article here.

Fill Out Your Writer Profile

We have received direct feedback from our customers that writers with a complete writer profile (including an image and writing samples) are more likely to influence their decision on whether to purchase a pitch in the Topic Marketplace. As such, you can increase your chances of having your topics selected by showcasing your talents through providing writing samples in your writer profile. Choose three different areas of focus for your writing samples to provide a more comprehensive look at your experiences and strengths.

Volunteer For Special Projects

Occasionally, we will have a call for writers in certain subject areas or locations. These specialized projects can often lead to exclusive access to specific jobs and customers as well as an opportunity for more work overall. We often gauge writer interest and availability for these projects in an email or through a writer survey. By volunteering to work on a specific project, you’re not only showing us the breadth of your writing skills, but you’re also showing us that you can be reliable in a pinch!

Read Our Writer Blog

Checking out our writer blog every week is a helpful habit for enhancing your freelance career as a whole. While some of our content is directly related to succeeding on Scripted, many of our articles discuss common freelance concerns as well, such as finances, creativity and technology.

All in all, being active on the Scripted platform and consistent with your writing quality really pays off. Our most successful writers are those who learn from their mistakes and seek out opportunities in various places in the platform.

How do you succeed with Scripted! Let us know in the comments below.

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