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A Glossary of Scripted Terms

Both novice and veteran Scripted writers can find themselves confused by our platform’s lingo.

Depending on how long you’ve been with Scripted, you may have seen different iterations of the platform’s evolution. Some terms that were used a year ago have changed, or are no longer applicable to our services. Whenever you feel that you’re not understanding a Scripted term, reference our glossary below.

Accepted (Job): A job is marked as accepted when a customer has completed his or her review of the piece and has deemed the job complete. Payment will automatically be added to a your Payment tab when a piece is accepted.

Accepted (Pitch): An accepted pitch is automatically converted into a Scripted job once it is purchased by a customer. The title and details of this pitch will also show up in the Accepted tab of the Pitching section of your writer dashboard.

Author Payment: An author payment is the line item shown in your Payments tab for completing a job as a writer. This payment varies depending on the job and the extent of work completed (authorship, revisions, etc.).

Awaiting Editorship: A piece is given a status of “Awaiting Editorship” when the job has been completed by a writer but has not yet been claimed by an editor for edits.

Awaiting Authorship: A piece is given the status of “Awaiting Authorship” if it is waiting to be claimed by a writer. “Awaiting Authorship” jobs are found in the Unclaimed Jobs section of your writer dashboard.

Editor: An editor is a Scripted writer who has demonstrated the ability to copy edit and revise pieces. Becoming an editor involves a different application process than that of a writer.

Editor Payment: An editor payment is the line item shown in your Payments tab for completing a job as an editor. Only Scripted editors will ever see Editor Payments.

Exclusive Access: You can be granted “exclusive access” to jobs when a customer has chosen to work with only a few select writers.

Favorite: A writer is considered a “Favorite” when a customer decides to provide them with priority access to his or her jobs. Being favorited can occur after you have done excellent work on a customer’s job or if a customer favorites you based on the writing samples in your writer profile.

In Authorship: A piece is given a status of “In Authorship” once you have claimed it. A job will remain “In Authorship” until you submit the first draft.

In Editorship: A piece is given a status of “In Editorship” if an editor is currently completing edits on the piece.

In Progress: In Progress, as seen in the Writing section of your writer dashboard, denotes all jobs that are currently awaiting a task. These include requested revisions, claimed jobs, and accepted pitches awaiting authorship.

In Review: A piece is given a status of “In Review” if it is awaiting a check by an admin or a customer. Occasionally, a piece can be “In Review” for an extended period of time.

In Revisions: A piece is given a status of “In Revisions” if an editor, an admin or a customer sends the piece back to you for changes (revisions). There is no differentiation in the status across these three scenarios.

Insufficient Guidelines: A piece is flagged as having insufficient guidelines when a writer cannot complete the job based off of the information provided in the job details. When this is the case, writers should flag a piece by clicking the Insufficient Guidelines button and writing into support@scripted.com if a deadline is near.

Job Approval: Payments are made upon job approval, meaning that a customer has read your piece and accepted your job. Once a job is approved, it will show in the Submitted Jobs tab of your writer dashboard.

Pitch: A pitch is an idea that you submit to a customer’s pitch request (defined below). Pitches follow a theme based on the parameters outlined in a pitch request and can be marked with any of the following statuses:

  • Pending: A pitch will be marked as pending when it has been included in the client’s pitch request and is awaiting client approval.
  • Accepted: A pitch will be marked as accepted when it has been approved by the client. Accepted pitches are automatically converted into jobs and put into your “In Progress” queue (see above).
  • Rejected: A pitch will be marked as rejected when a client decides not to move forward with the proposed pitch idea.
  • Inactive: A pitch will be marked as inactive when the business who created the pitch set has not made any actions in its pitch requests for an extended period of time.

Pitch Request: A pitch request is a work option available on Scripted in which a customer submits a topic to help facilitate blog post ideas. Writers use that overarching topic to create ideas for the customer, which the customer can then accept or reject.

  • Customer pitch requests: Customer pitch requests are created when a customer has an overarching topic in mind and is looking for a writer to submit more specific post ideas on that topic.
  • Topic Marketplace: Topic marketplace pitch requests are broader requests that allow writers freedom to pitch an idea within specific topic areas. These areas are specified in the title of the pitch request.

Scripted Support: Scripted Support is your go-to team for any questions or concerns about your work or the platform in general. You can reach Scripted Support by emailing support@scripted.com.

Specialty: A Specialty is a classification that allows you to claim jobs in more niche subject areas. You must apply to a specific Specialty in order to be considered for these jobs. Specialist writers are able to speak knowledgeably on niche topics while also contributing a higher level of research to a piece. For a full list of Specialties, visit the Specialty section of your writer dashboard.

Superhero (Job): A superhero job is a piece that is nearing its deadline and needs to be completed within 12 hours.

Tip: A tip is a variable amount of money that a customer grants you after a job is completed if he or she enjoyed your work. Not all jobs will receive tips, and tips vary greatly in amount.

Topic Marketplace: The Topic Marketplace is a public marketplace for customers to choose already pitched topics that fit the business’s content needs. You can pitch your ideas to the Topic Marketplace by visiting the Pitching section of your writer dashboard and selecting “Topic Marketplace.”

Writer Profile: A writer profile is a public-facing snapshot of your experience and expertise as a Scripted writer. Your writer profile contains metrics about your work with Scripted, including how long you’ve been a writer with Scripted, how many jobs you’ve completed, and your job acceptance rate. You can also upload up to three writing samples to your writer profile for customers to view.

Writing Sample: A writing sample is a published work written by you that you make publicly available via your writing profile. Writing samples must be published online with a byline that matches the name on your Scripted account. You can upload up to three writing samples to your writer profile.

Unsubscribed: A writer who is unsubscribed does not receive Scripted updates, available jobs emails, job status reminders or payment reminders.

What term do you have the most trouble with? Let us know in the comments below.

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