Linda E

Linda E

Springfield, Missouri, United States

Linda is a licensed massage therapist turned full-time writer with an avid interest in everything science-related. Her primary focus is on health and wellness, and she writes regularly for clients as diverse as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, Crossfit communities, and nutr...

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Forget “Superfoods”—Focus on REAL Food

The current focus on so-called "superfoods" gives us a false sense of nutritional security. It suggests that adding a handful of these to our daily meals is all we need to do. The fact is that addi...

Sample Meal Plan for a 600-Calorie Day

_Breakfast: Breakfast Omelet_ _Lunch: Spinach and Kale Soup_ _Dinner: Savory Paprika Beef, Steamed Carrots, Steamed Cabbage_ ## Breakfast: Breakfast Omelet (180 calories per serving) Protein i...

Ultra-Modern Luxury on the Lower East Side at Sixty Les

Sixty Les serves up ultra-modern style combined with timeless comfort. Rooms feature sleek black mirrored walls and industrial-influenced fixtures and furnishings, including illuminated lightbox he...

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