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Genesis Davies is an experienced freelance writer in the Small Business, Health & Wellness, Travel industries.

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Genesis has spent most of her life writing, both on her own projects and client work. From ebooks to product descriptions, she has experience in a wide variety of genres. Her preferred topics include business and marketing, food and drink, and travel or parenting. She has first person experience in all of these areas, as she's a mother of three and travels extensively, while running several businesses. In the past, she's worked as a paramedic and cook. With over two decades of experience, Genesis is ready to work on any project you have. 

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10 World’s Most Beautiful National Parks

  National parks are naturally beautiful. Most parks were declared parks to preserve the wild beauty that makes them so amazing. While nearly all these protected areas are pretty, a number are simply amazing in their beauty. ...

Managing Unpredictable Cash Flow

  Running your own business often means income isn’t steady, so it can be difficult to plan financially. Learning to handle unpredictable cash flow will help you avoid the financial roller coaster. When you don’t bring in a s...

How to Grow a Real Estate Brokerage

  A real estate brokerage can be an excellent business, but if you want to be successful, your business needs to grow. There are many factors in play here, all of which need to be balanced for optimum growth. Growing your rea...

Natural Remedies with Risky Drug Interaction

  Natural remedies can be a good way to treat your health issues without additional chemicals, but they’re not always safe. If you’re already taking other drugs or medications, you need to know which herbs interact with them. ...

10 Herbs That Kill Viruses and Clear Lungs

  With the way things are in the world today, it’s no wonder we’re all looking for ways to stay healthy. Keeping your immune system in great shape is always good, but it’s a good idea to know what to do if you are sick already...

Christmas in Guatemala: 3 Holiday Traditions that All Guatemalans Recognize

Christmas in Guatemala: 3 Holiday Traditions that All Guatemalans Recognize Christmas in Guatemala is a time for family, festivities, and unique traditions that blend Mayan sensibilities with Catholic heritage. From Guatemala C...

APP REVIEW - Beautylish: Learn How to Create Your Own Look (Working Title)


Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Low Testosterone

Convites: Street Dancing

Celebrate Convites: Street Dancing Genesis Davies February 6, 2016 No Comments Celebrations are a constant thing in Guatemala, so you might not think too much of it when you hear music booming in the distance and firecrackers g...

10 Ideas for Fundraising for Your Non-Profit

As a non-profit organization, you likely find yourself in need of extra funds from time to time. While many non-profits have regular donors, there are times when one lapses or when extra cash is required for a new project. If y...

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