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Unscripted Podcast

Join our weekly conversations with the biggest names in content marketing.

How to Succeed as a Professional Content Marketer

Show Notes Telling a compelling story is the key to a strong content marketing strategy. The aim of content marketing is to create a narrative in which the customer is the hero. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in content marketing is to dump their existing content on social media instead of creating native […]

Understanding SEO Ranking Factors for Local Search

  Show Notes Accurate and up-to-date business listings are vital for local SEO. Local SEO could play an increasingly important role in future political elections. For searches that don’t contain a local keyword, Google delivers a mixture of local and organic search results. Local SEO Guide’s 2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors Report explains the factors […]

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Content Curation for Small Businesses

Show Notes Publishing content is essential for getting noticed online today, whether you’re launching a business or pursuing a traditional career. Businesses that don’t have the resources to create all their own content can leverage content curation to build their brand. It’s vital to be consistent in content publishing and distribution; don’t go for weeks […]

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Autolist Podcast

Scripted Podcast: SEO for Mobile Applications

Corey Lydstone started AutoList, a meta search engine that aggregates car listings from across the web, roughly four years ago. Having previously worked on the successful real estate listings site and mobile app ApartmentList, Corey was keen to apply the same technology to another vertical. AutoList is now one of the top-rated auto apps for iOS and Android, as well as a popular website.

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Avoiding Google SEO Penalties with Eric Enge

How to Avoid Google Penalties To get the latest news on Google penalties, Scripted CEO Ryan Buckley recently interviewed the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, Eric Enge. Stone Temple Consulting began as Enge’s solo business consulting practice, but now has 70 employees and services companies of all sizes, including some Fortune 50 firms. Enge drew […]

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How Creative Marketplaces Work with Matt Cooper

    SHOW NOTES: Matt Cooper explores his background and why he has been involved in marketplaces throughout his career Cooper discusses the process of producing creative work through ScribbleLIVE and Visually He discusses the importance of choosing the right visuals for content marketing pieces Cooper shares how he maintains productivity, including his early morning […]

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How To Choose Your Marketing Channels

Show Notes: Andrew Goodman and Cory Kleinschmidt joined Scripted to talk about the importance of SEO, SEM, and PPC. They discuss how marketers might want to consider Bing and what other platforms to focus on for B2C and B2B. The pair advise on how to develop effective landing pages to convert leads. They also talk […]

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Unscripted Podcast with Brian Clark of CopyBlogger

  Show Notes Brian Clark, CEO of Rainmaker Digital and founder of CopyBlogger, shares how he started his journey into content marketing. Clark discusses the evolution of how blogging could be monetized and how he was on the forefront of that movement. Clark explains how his many entrepreneurial ventures turned into Rainmaker Digital. Clark shares […]

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What Small Businesses should Know about Local Search

Show Notes Andrew Shotland explains how he grew from a solo SEO consultant to a business that specializes in local SEO. Shotland explains why SEO is important, why many businesses get it wrong, and how to fix their SEO strategy. He explores the importance of SEO citations and writing. He shares some insights into how […]

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