What Are Content Tune Ups? | Glossary

A content tune-up improves the blog posts, landing pages, web pages, and other content that you’ve already published online. Your website may already have hundreds—or even thousands—of blog posts and product pages. Over time, the content becomes outdated, no matter how evergreen you intended it to be. A content tune-up refreshes that content to improve its search engine ranking and visitor engagement. Plus, tuning up current content can be much less time-consuming than coming up with brand new ideas – not to mention, if those pieces already rank highly, freshening them up can help you keep your rank.

A content tune-up project can achieve several goals. Some of the benefits that website developers see include:

  • Increased organic traffic to their web pages and posts
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • New backlinks that contribute to their content marketing strategies
  • More leads from people who find refreshed content
  • Better calls to action (CTAs) that convert visitors into paying customers
  • A better mixture of evergreen and trending content
  • Improved readability that establishes your company as a professional brand people can trust

Many website owners use content tune-ups because they want to improve their content marketing strategies without going over their production budgets. That’s a challenge for anyone trying to get top ranking in a competitive industry. Content tune-ups give your pages an SEO boost at a fraction of the price you would pay for new posts.

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