How to Send an Email that Doesn’t Sound Like Spam

We send and receive many – maybe too many – emails every day. With all this practice, one would hope that the ability to write a coherent and compelling email is fairly common. Sadly, this isn’t so, as evidenced by all the spam-like junk that lands in our inboxes on a regular basis.

In order to send an email that doesn’t sound like spam, it is important to pay attention to three major points: content, structure, and voice.

Determine Your Content

Make sure your email addresses one, and only one, issue. Make it short and to the point, and be sure you understand exactly what that issue is before you start writing. A rambling email full of industry buzzwords will look like spam to your recipients.

The topic needs to address the recipient’s needs. This is not the medium to toot your own horn. The content must be relevant to the email recipients and benefit them in some way. Solve their problem, help them make money, or teach them something new.


Structure Your EmailEmails

Now that you’ve chosen the topic of your email, don’t dash it off in haste. How you write the email can determine whether your content is compelling, or dry as dust.

  • Write the conclusion first. Because you are now clearly focused on your message, you can summarize it succinctly.  This succinct information should appear in your opening paragraph.
  • Write the supporting text in easy-to-read points, and reinforce it with evidence.
  • If you need a response from the recipient, repeat your conclusion as a call to action.
  • The subject line should be written last. You’ve now got a really clear idea of how the content of your email benefits the recipient, so state this benefit in the subject.

Choose Your Voice

Write as though you are addressing one individual, even if your email is going to a group. Be warm and personable rather than stiff and formal.

Don’t do this:

Subject: Why Inbound Call Marketing Is Better

Call centers can handle either inbound or outbound calls. Good inbound call-handling improves your customer relations, which increases sales. We have a great reputation in the inbound call services industry. Call us to discuss using our services for your business.

Sales Rep
National Answer-the-Call, Inc.


Do this:

Subject: Leverage inbound calls to increases sales and improve ROI

When a customer initiates a call to you, you are much closer to an actual sale. The hard part of reaching people who want to hear your message is already taken care of.

Inbound call marketing:

              1. Costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing
              2. Converts to appointments at 75% to 80%

Call us for a comprehensive plan to convert your inbound calls into solid sales leads.

Sales rep

National Answer-the-Call, Inc.

Make your email resonate with your audience, and it won’t be deleted before it is even opened.



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