Scripted App for HootSuite

Content automation is made even simpler when scalable content meets a social media management system. This is why we created the Scripted app for HootSuite, a tool that effectively closes the loop from content production to distribution and management.

HootSuite is a social media management system that allows businesses and organizations to manage their social media outlets in bulk from one simple dashboard. You can view your scheduled posts for the day or month, make amendments to the posting schedule, and even re-tweet, message, and respond to posts directly from the HootSuite dashboard.

With the Scripted app for HootSuite, you can now view and publish Scripted content seamlessly from the HootSuite dashboard. Posts are visible in batches all on one page, allowing for automated streaming and simple distribution. No more hassling with excel sheets and altering formatting.

For real-time posts, click “Send Now”, and your post will be published immediately to one or more of your social media profiles. Or, select the calendar button to schedule posts in advance.

Additional Features in HootSuite:

  • Receive custom analytics on the performance of your posts. See how Scripted content stacks up to your other content.
  • Manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Use Scripted content to promote your day business, volunteer organizations, or for personal branding.
  • View your mentions, inbox, and Tweets/Facebook posts from one tool, designed for simple social media management.

The Scripted app fuses the high quality content-production capacity of Scripted with the content distribution and scheduling capacity of HootSuite. To install the Scripted app and see first-hand how it works, login to your HootSuite account today and visit the App Directory.