Using the Consumer’s Desires to Your Businesses Advantage

When it comes to marketing to an audience that is constantly on the go and always connected through technology, the need for companies to be able to reach their target consumer in a way that cuts through the noise has never been more important.busy_advertising

But, what is the best way to reach these targets and get them to respond in the ways we need them to? Simply put, think about what it is, at their core, that motivates them to make decisions. As basic as it sounds, this simple step in our planning process seems to get skipped over more often than we’d like to admit.

Let’s first take a look at exactly what it is that motivates society on a whole and then gain some insight into ways we can utilize those desires to gain their attention for the sake of gaining ground in our professional endeavors.

robbinsBreaking down our general desires

According to success guru Tony Robbins there are six distinct human basic needs that we all share and that we all want to fulfill on a regular daily basis.

These basic consumer desire’s include:

  1. Comfort and Knowing – It is human nature to want to a level of comfort present in our day-to-day lives. For the most part, most of our mental comfort comes from knowing that we are prepared for the future and whatever it may hold for us.
  2. A Variety in life – While we want to know that we’ll have food on the table and a roof over our head, we also desire a high level of variety to provide our days with something to look forward to.
  3. Love, Companionship, or a sense of Connection – Without love and a sense of connection humans go crazy and lose their minds. We all need to know we have a part to play in society and that somewhere, someone love’s us.
  4. Meaning, Purpose, and a desire to Contribute – Making the world around us a better place either through doing our part for society or the surrounding environment is something we all share at one point in our lives.


Comfort and Knowing

With the sheer amount of stress the public encounters on a regular basis, the ability for them to rest assured that some aspect of their life is taken care of can bring about huge rewards for any company offering such a solution.

A great example of this happens when a company offers their consumers the piece of mind that the product they are offering has a lifetime guarantee. Perhaps another way of achieving this comfort level is offering a special delivery services or around the clock business hours so that customers can come to rely on you being their when they need you.

A Variety in life

When we fall into routines that quickly become monotonous, we quickly desire something new and improved in our lives. Companies can and have capitalized on this rather well by offering a variety of different flavors, colors, and versions of their products.

Another way to achieve this is in the way we reach out to the consumer and in the types of communications we choose to relay our messages in. Instead of just posting basis tweets or status updates, try creating an attention getting image or odd, brand specific viral worthy video and offer new contests regularly.

love coupleLove, Companionship, or a sense of Connection

When we talk about the desire to be loved, from a business standpoint that means creating some sort of connection with our customers that confirms that they belong to something bigger.

Companies have been able to achieve this through programs like loyalty cards, special offer emails, and exclusive social media posts that only those signed up to receive them can access the VIP content.


Meaning, Purpose, and a desire to Contribute

When we see that there is a problem bigger than any one person to solve, as a company we can do something more. We can get behind that cause and use our position in our communities to bring awareness to the cause.

It’s in this charitable state that companies can reach out to individuals and get them involved. To give someone the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves can reap long-term rewards and loyalty.

Offering things like posted recognition for their participation, co-branded t-shirts or hats that they can wear with pride, or even event that they can invite others to attend are all ways to foster a feeling of contribution in a client that will last longer than a coupon.

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