What Content Strategies Work Best for Small Businesses?

Many business owners are overwhelmed when pondering the prospect of generating enough content to keep blogs, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter postings fresh. Writing content and blogging can be difficult and time consuming for busy business owners. Finding time to create enough content can be difficult, especially when day to day business concerns take precedence.

Busy entrepreneurs can keep social media platforms updated with relevant and interesting content without having to neglect core business concerns by following a few simple guidelines:

Blogs Rule
A business blog should always be the main content channel. Blogs can feature longer pieces that won’t fit on Twitter or Facebook. The blog can spotlight your expertise and show potential clients that you can offer effective solutions.

Plan Ahead
Creating a schedule for blog topics is a necessity. Planning topics in advance keeps writing on target. It’s easy to lose track of topics during peak business hours. Scheduling posts makes it easier to blog and then move on to more important matters. Partnering with content writers can also provide an easy solution for generating timely content.

Stay Connected
Blog postings can be fed automatically through Facebook and Twitter. This can keep both social media outlets updated, but it shouldn’t be considered as a substitute for being active. Using this technique at various integrals makes it easier to manage a growing fan base without becoming overextended.

Encourage Clients with Email
Email newsletters can be utilized to spread the news about what’s happening on a business’s social networks and blogs. Clients usually subscribe to a blog or a Facebook page, rarely do they subscribe to all the content channels available. Email newsletters provide an opportunity to show clients what’s happening on each network and encourage them to follow the channel that best suits their needs.

Even with these guidelines, tackling social media channels can still seem overwhelming. A successful business can place numerous demands on a business owner. Sometimes it’s not possible to run the business and a social media campaign. In cases such as this, it’s best to hire freelancers and get back to running the business.


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