What Businesses Use Social Media Effectively?

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Online businesses are proving every day that content strategy works and is a must for today’s digital businesses. How we utilize social networking, and the focus we place on quality content writing and blogging can have a direct say in what kind of company image we project to our customers and potential readers.

A case in point is the non-profit business sector, which encompasses a broad spectrum of businesses from charities that manage thrift stores and nonprofit donations, to organizations that help underprivileged children and animal welfare organizations that find homes for homeless pets.

The advent of digital marketing has forced many nonprofits to become more creative in how they interface with their donors as well as those they seek to support. Organizations like March of Dimes, which combines blogging by its child ambassador with regular Facebook updates and moving online videos have found success in connecting with their supporters.

The result is a more visual connection for supporters who often are personally involved in raising money for the organization’s many projects.

Manufacturing giant Hickory Springs also utilizes social networking to promote its yearly EarthCare Challenge, where it calls on families and schools to find new ways to support sustainable living. Contestants are selected and compete in a month-long challenge. Updates on their progress are posted on the EarthCare Challenge Facebook site and tweeted weekly, which allows the public to “like” their favorite team online and follow its progress on Twitter. The program not only educates and inspires interest in sustainable living, but in an indirect way, it promotes Hickory Springs products and its commitment to the environment.

Jennie Rivlin Roberts has been using social media to promote her online Judaica company Modern Tribe for many years, but it is the innovative way that she utilizes Facebook and other social media that makes her company stand out. Customers can follow and comment on timely and thought-provoking discussions about Jewish holidays and other interests while learning about new products she is offering. They can share insights and preferences in community discussions, providing Rivlin with valuable research about what her customers want to see and purchase. She uses lively, colorful posts with sharp, engaging content writing to keep her readers riveted on her blog posts, and posts periodic giveaways and competitions at holiday time, thereby alerting new readers to her dedicated online store.

Content strategy says a lot about how successful a company may be, but it also says a lot about ourselves, and the image we want our customers to see. Keep this in mind when planning your own social media strategy.