Top Podcasts for Content Marketers

No matter how good your writing skills are, or your ability to spot a great marketing opportunity, there is always room for improvement. Even the top marketers on the planet know how important it is to keep honing their skills in order to stay sharp in the online marketing game. One way to do this is to tune into regular content marketing podcasts.

They offer the perfect way to combine actionable advice while listening to light-hearted debate, enjoyable banter and professional opinion.

Even better, you can listen to them anywhere. Whether you’re on the train, cooking at home or suffering from writer’s block and in need of inspiration, podcasts will help you to keep up with the latest content marketing news, as well as perfect your skills. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the podcasts for content marketers you cannot afford to miss.

1. Louder Than Words

The Louder Than Words podcast, hosted by John Bonini, features a wide range of content focused on making you a better writer. Offering interviews with industry professionals and experts, this show aims to highlight how each interviewee got to the top of their game so that you can follow in their footsteps.

2. Marketing Over Coffee (30 min podcasts)

Want to know the latest content marketing news? Well, grab yourself your favorite beverage and settle down with the latest edition of Marketing Over Coffee. This weekly podcast is just overflowing with the hottest marketing news from the past seven days, and is delivered in short and sweet half hour editions — perfect for the morning commute.

3. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour (15 min podcasts)

Got a spare 15 minutes? Then plug yourself into Social Media Marketing Happy Hour for the inside scoop on the latest happenings in social media. This podcast is delivered five days a week, and features up-to-date info on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. If you like your podcasts full of banter and professionally delivered, this is the perfect podcast for you.

4. Traction

The Traction podcast focuses on the real deal when launching a startup, but not just the highs. The lows are discussed too, and there are some real rags to riches stories to be found here. From founders to media members, and entrepreneurs to investors, you’ll find a wealth of information that could come in very handy for you as a content marketer, as well as your clients.

5. Copyblogger FM

Ever wish there was a radio station designed solely for content marketing? Well, Copyblogger FM comes pretty close. Formerly known as The Lede, Copyblogger offers a light-hearted and often hilarious take on the world of marketing and copywriting, as seen through the eyes of hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth. If you’ve got some burning marketing questions, they are bound to be answered here.

6. The Craft of Marketing

Seth Price, host of The Craft of Marketing, has consulted hundreds of digital marketing companies in his time, and so you can be sure you’re listening to a seasoned expert when you tune in. Seth interviews a different marketing guru each week, and really gets to grips with a variety of subjects, such as the importance of video marketing and how to get your marketing schedule right the first time.

In an industry where dull, repetitive or out-of-date conversations can be all too common, the podcasts above really shine through with relevance, new material and a little welcome humor. If you are interested in learning the most effective marketing techniques, catching up on the latest news or hearing from some of the greats in the industry, we really recommend giving them a listen. Who knows? You may even hear the Scripted team hitting the airwaves very soon, so stay tuned.