Quick Read: The Importance of Context

Context is hugely important in all aspects of communication. It provides a framework for communicating effectively and can make our break even the best messaging. This makes context especially important when it comes to content marketing.

How Context Affects Your Messaging

One of the best examples of how context can affect your communications can be found by looking at the way celebrities and politicians are quoted. Think of all the times you hear a blasphemous quote from someone that paints their beliefs in a whole new light — while this may at times reflect their true beliefs, often it is a message that has been taken out of context. To counter this, politicians try to speak in short, clipped statements that can’t be misinterpreted or reinterpreted because that is how their statements are recorded and publicized by the media.

Words can be easily manipulated when viewed without proper context, whether it’s to change their meaning or use them to give a false impression. This is a crucial factor to understand in the world of content marketing, as you need to control the context your messaging is received, or risk it being misinterpreted.

The Power of Context

Proper context can help you achieve so much more when it comes to your content marketing. The carefully prepared whitepapers, blogs, e-books and other materials that you create are the foundation of your marketing game — but they are totally powerless if you don’t have the ability to organize them, align them to the right audience and deliver them at the right time. With the power of context, you can repurpose materials across different mediums in order to deepen customer relationships, nurture leads and boost the overall power of your brand.

Ensuring Solid Content

Too many marketers waste valuable time and money by sticking with or trying new approaches that just aren’t working. To make sure you have solid content that actually gets attention, you have to be sure that your content is valuable and that you’re getting it in front of the right eyes at the right time. Giving your audience relevant content when they are looking for it means you can sidestep the effort of having to convince them that they need your product or service — they are already looking for it.

If you’re selling a product or service that people would mainly use at home — such as housekeeping services or kitchen appliances — try to get your content in front of them when they are at home. That way it will be on the top of their minds and thus, be more appeal. Likewise, if you’re offering something with entertainment value, such as beverages, new clothing, makeup, etc., try to get your content in front of them while they are out on the town. Making sure your content appears in the right context will help ensure it has a more lasting impact on your audience.


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