Content Marketing Wimbledon: Marketing Like the Pros

Every summer, people around the world tune in to watch the top tennis stars battle it out at Wimbledon. The iconic sporting event has created household names since its debut 139 years ago and has had some of the best matches in sporting history. For content marketers, every day in the office can be like an intense Wimbledon match.

Whether you’re batting against bad SEO choices, dropping conversion rates or social media drama, it’s important to keep your volley strong and beat out the competition to the top of the content marketing bracket.

Let’s take a look at how content marketing reminds us of our favorite players and the lessons you can learn from tennis to come out on top.

Master PPC Like Andy Murray

Andy Murray hit the tennis scene as a young Scottish player with hopes of reaching center court. Though ranked as one of the top players in the world, people often forget or overlook his talent and determination.

PPC streams give marketers the ability to choose their audience. These fresh eyes aren’t familiar with your brand organically and may never find your content because they’re not searching for it. Facebook advertising, for example, allows you to create custom audiences based on age, location, interests and more so that your content has a greater chance of performing well.

For content marketers, forgetting the power of PPC can be a novice mistake. Whether you’re using a paid search engine or harnessing the power of social media advertisements, paying to promote content doesn’t always have to be a cop out. Digital streams often work together to boost success and bring new conversion opportunities to the center of the court. Like Murray, don’t underestimate the power of the underdog.

Be Social Like Roger Federer

To many people, Roger Federer is the undisputed king of Wimbledon. With 17 titles to his name, including seven Wimbledon Championships, he’s a sure thing at the summer slam.

While his skills on the court are undeniable, he also manages to woo the crowd with his fun-loving interviews and pictures of his adorable twin girls. His Twitter feed is filled with emojis and references to popular hashtags that have people rushing to follow the star.

His popularity is a good lesson for content marketers. You may have all the parts in working order to succeed, but a little bit of flair is what will have you going the extra mile. When you have a strong piece of content, social media streams can be a marketer’s best friend. In fact, 87 percent of marketers say it’s the strongest place they can promote original content.

Determine first where your target audience gathers (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are all great for content promotion, but each draws different audiences), then tailor your message for maximum impact.

Get the Word Out Like Nadal

Do a quick search for Rafael Nadal and amongst the talk of his stellar tennis game you’ll find articles about his luxury vacations and model girlfriends. Currently ranked number four in the world, he has become a superstar due to his impressive game and his looks on and off the court. People are interested in his life and what he’s saying and doing.

For content marketers, this can be an important lesson. Almost every marketing-savvy company has a blog. The benefits of blogging for your business are evident through traffic growth, conversion opportunities and establishing authority in your space. But what is the point of blogging if no one is reading your content?

Establishing a content plan for your blog is the first step to success. You’ll need to decide the type of information that would be important to your ideal audience. Building marketing personas can help you establish a target customer and, with the help of an editorial calendar, you can plan content far in advance.

If you have the right story to tell, like Nadal, your leads will find your content and hopefully convert into customers.

Pick the Right Combination Like Venus and Serena

Sometimes the strength of a team is what you really need in order to make content pop. If you’re designing an amazing infographic, you may need someone to write copy, someone to design the infographic and a stellar team to make sure the right eyes get on it.

Venus and Serena may be sisters, but on the tennis courts they’re a well-oiled winning machine. They understand each others strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to dominate the competition. There is a reason they’re still pro after almost 20 years in the business.

Gather the right team with a strong understanding of content marketing goals and see your winning streak continue.

In Conclusion

Game, set, match! It’s time to take tips from the greats and improve your content strategy. Whether you’re planning ahead for eBooks and blog posts, or using different streams to enhance your current plan, keeping your eye on the prize can put a dent in your marketing goals.

We may not know who is going to win the grand slam at Wimbledon this year, but if you take these tips to heart you’ll be the champion of the content marketing court.

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