Go Big or Go Home: Leveraging Freelance Writing Services for the Win

Freelance writing services are your on-demand football team — here’s why.

It’s the fourth down and you’re this close to making a touchdown for your B2B content marketing campaign. You need a big play to score, but your prospects aren’t quite ready to buy. You plan to bring out your top-performing content from the bench, but then run into a problem plaguing 49 percent of content marketers: producing engaging content. Your content creation plays are getting blocked by a lack of in-house resources to keep up with your creation needs. It’s time to make a game-changing call to shake up your current strategy and bring in freelance writing services to get you closer to the end zone.

Complement Your In-House Marketing Resources

Freelance writing services complement your in-house marketing resources, but they don’t have to be an all-or-nothing solution. In fact, as much as 62 percent of companies outsource some of their content marketing, while keeping other components in-house. Similar to a good football team, it helps to bring in fresh players to so you’re in-house team doesn’t burn out.

Scale Your Campaign When It’s Time for a Touchdown

Content creation companies offer that critical assist when you don’t have the resources to manage a large writing team on your own. Services like Scripted help flesh out your content team without increasing your in-house staff.

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Increase Content Creation Efficiency

Freelance writing services take care of the content creation process so you can focus on what you’re best at – whether it’s SEO strategy, acquiring new customers, or something else. As you continue to fine-tune your content strategy – from creating meta descriptions, using smart tags, altering URL’s and more, you’ll find that your content slowly rises to the top. Much like football drills each effect how well a player performs, when you focus on perfecting the minutiaee of your SEO strategy, your content performs.

Freelance writing services are your on-demand football team. With a service like Scripted in hand, you have experienced content creation players available at your fingertips, your marketing team could be favored to win the championships.

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