Content Marketing is “The Next Big Thing”

One of the reasons I love working at Scripted is that we are working on solving a massive problem – content generation. At the end of the day, you can buy all of the fancy marketing automation software you want, subscribe to the best Email Service Provider, or start a PR campaign, but you can’t kickstart any of these efforts without content. Scripted has solved the “high quality, scalable content” problem and we are focused on winning this market.

Humans vs. Machines

A huge line is being drawn in the sand between automated content and human-generated content. Round one definitively went to humans when Google updated its search algorithm more than a year ago, and more and more evidence is mounting that original high quality content always wins. Buzzfeed and Bleacherreport are great examples of companies that are well-trafficked and produce “sticky” content that users love. Other low-cost crowdsourced or outsourced solutions exist, but the type of content produced from these solutions is machine-like. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are always a step ahead of the machine-like content factories, and your business can be adversely affected if you use one of these solutions. Stick with human-generated, high quality content and your marketing efforts will thrive.

PPC is Not as Effective as it used to be

To win customers over, you need to be able to tell a story about your product. We are already seeing companies shift away their spend from Google Adwords to content marketing because PPC is expensive/does not win quality customers. After all, the type of customer you bring in through generating high quality content is much more desirable than the type of customer you would bring in by essentially paying for them.

Content is an Ongoing Need – Introducing “Scripted Scheduler”

One challenge around content marketing is that it needs to be fresh and relevant. You can’t simply put up a blog post and ignore your blog for months on end. Customers are searching for new ideas, new stories, and new products. Here at Scripted we understand this problem, and we want to help with your ongoing content needs. Consequently, we’ve come up with a great solution: “Scripted Scheduler”. If you are interested in beta testing Scripted Scheduler, which is essentially a way to “set it and forget it” while still receiving high quality content on a regular basis, email me directly at

High quality content is an ongoing need, and wil bring you valuable customers. We want to help you solve this problem, so we are excited to hear your feedback on our scheduler product.

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