The Challenge of Scaling Your Storytelling

It’s getting more difficult for brands to share their stories with their audiences.

Brands have been sharing their stories for centuries, but the number of platforms to share content across is vastly greater than just radio and television.

There are more than 1.15 billion active users on Facebook, 560 million active users on Twitter, 400 million active users on Google+, 240 million active users on Linkedin, 150 million users on Instagram, and 70 million active users on Pinterest. If you think these numbers are huge, just remember that there 190 million tweets per day and 70 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each month.

Brands can’t publish two or three messages per year anymore and expect to see results. They must be engaging and joining conversations hourly and publishing content to specific audiences on specific platforms. What a brand tweets is different than what a brand posts or pins, and B2B marketers are often hosting webinars, slideshares, and twitterchats. Creating content is essential for today’s marketer and the combination of knowing when, what, where, and how are integral to every department.

Learn How to Scale Your Storytelling

On May 8th, Scripted’s CEO, Sunil Rajaraman, and Percolate’s VP of Business Development, Shik Sundar, discussed how modern marketers are addressing these challenges and the most effective ways to scale your storytelling. Learn more below:


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