Hiring Freelance Writers: The Keys to Successful Writing Assignments (Advice From Scripted Writers)

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Writing For The Web: The Best Blog Post Templates for SEO (Free & Paid)

blog post templates

As content marketers, writing unique and compelling content that brings our readers genuine value is the greatest challenge we face. And that challenge is made more difficult if we have to start from scratch with every blog post. The dreaded blank page and its dastardly friend the blinking cursor. A reliable blog post template can … Read more

Scripted Writer Mark T. on Freelance Writing, Data Science, and Being a Magician with Words


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So You Want to Hire a Ghostwriter?

hire a ghostwriter

You want to hire a ghostwriter, but where do you begin? Since this is what we do, we thought we could pass on some valuable advice on the how, why, and what-have-yous of the ghostwriter and client relationship. Hiring a ghostwriter is a great way to take advantage of someone else’s professional writing skills and … Read more

How to Write Lifestyle Blogs

Let’s face it – lifestyle blogs don’t get the respect they deserve. While travel blogs, food blogs, and fashion blogs enjoy widespread popularity, readers often skip anything categorized under “lifestyle,” as they find it a bit too squishy. They want commitment – a specific niche – so they know what to expect when they spend … Read more

How to Write Finance Blogs

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The finance industry is one of my favorite topics to cover. I mostly specialize in personal and small business finance, along with FinTech. Learning how to approach this subject matter, the right ways to convey difficult concepts, and the surprising amount of emotional intelligence needed for finance blogging has taken a lot of trial and … Read more

Taking the Long View on Long-Form Content

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Are you sitting comfortably? How much time can you set aside to read a long-form, data-heavy investigation into a complex topic? For a growing number of online readers, the answer is: “I have as much time as it takes to understand the issue.” Long-form blogs (more than 1,000 words) are more in-demand than they have … Read more

The Benefits of the Pomodoro Time Management for Writers

time management for writers

Many freelance writers consider deadlines the bane of their existence, especially since they have a tendency to lurk around the corner until they jump right out in front of you. However, effective time management can help make these deadlines a whole lot less threatening. Unfortunately, work distractions often have a way of getting in the way … Read more

What Can Content Marketers Learn from Comedians?

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Think content marketers and comedians don’t have much in common? Think again. Sure, content marketers may write web copy for businesses while comedians write jokes for tipsy comedy club goers, but there are actually many similarities between the two professions. Here’s what any good copywriter can (and should) learn from comedians: 1. Take Audience Attention … Read more