How to Optimize Your Content for Conversion

content optimization

  Show Notes Machine learning expert Guy Yalif created Intellimize to help marketers optimize their content for conversion. By testing changes to your site, you can optimize for particular actions, such as a user creating an account or scheduling a demo. Website optimization helps you make the most of traffic brought in by your content marketing … Read more

How to Excel at Content Management

content management

Show Notes Outsourcing content management to an agency can be a great way to build a strong content marketing strategy. Great content doesn’t just happen; you need to be prepared to work with the agency to help them create content that reflects your brand. Content creation is not a one-off activity; you need to keep … Read more

Discovering the ROI of Content Marketing

Show Notes Many businesses want to know what impact content marketing has on their customers, which is a question TrenDemon aims to answer. Avishai Sharon built TrenDemon to bring together data from many sources and use it to draw meaningful conclusions about the ROI of content marketing. TrenDemon helps marketers see which of their content … Read more

Learn From These Small Business Growth Tactics

small business growth

Show Notes To find out what your business customers need, take the time to listen to them and talk about the problems that keep them up at night. When building a hyperlocal marketplace, the best way to start is to put people on the ground who can find out about existing communities and programs to … Read more

Bootstrap Your Business With Content Marketing

Show Notes Josh Pigford is the CEO and Founder of Baremetrics, a subscription analytics platform that integrates with various payment processing services to provide insights into your business revenue. Content marketing has been key to the growth of Baremetrics as a recognized business analytics brand. There are two main aspects to the Baremetrics content strategy: … Read more

Growth Hacking for Technical Products

Show Notes Meghan Gill of MongoDB shares her content marketing tips for technical products. A free, open-source version of MongoDB has helped Meghan’s company build a large community of engaged users. Educational content can be invaluable for lead generation when marketing a technical product. MongoDB has successfully built a community of active users who help … Read more

How to Succeed as a Professional Content Marketer

Aaron Orendorff

Show Notes Telling a compelling story is the key to a strong content marketing strategy. The aim of content marketing is to create a narrative in which the customer is the hero. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in content marketing is to dump their existing content on social media instead of creating native … Read more

Understanding SEO Ranking Factors for Local Search

Daniel Leibson Scripted

  Show Notes Accurate and up-to-date business listings are vital for local SEO. Local SEO could play an increasingly important role in future political elections. For searches that don’t contain a local keyword, Google delivers a mixture of local and organic search results. Local SEO Guide’s 2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors Report explains the factors … Read more

Content Curation for Small Businesses

Show Notes Publishing content is essential for getting noticed online today, whether you’re launching a business or pursuing a traditional career. Businesses that don’t have the resources to create all their own content can leverage content curation to build their brand. It’s vital to be consistent in content publishing and distribution; don’t go for weeks … Read more

Scripted Podcast: SEO for Mobile Applications

Autolist Podcast

Corey Lydstone started AutoList, a meta search engine that aggregates car listings from across the web, roughly four years ago. Having previously worked on the successful real estate listings site and mobile app ApartmentList, Corey was keen to apply the same technology to another vertical. AutoList is now one of the top-rated auto apps for iOS and Android, as well as a popular website.