ClearVoice: Reviews, Features, Prices, and Alternatives

clearvoice reviews

It is no secret that the world’s biggest brands recognize that content is the future, and for good reason. Highly cost-effective in regards to your ROI, content marketing drives conversions. When you compare traditional marketing strategies, content marketing costs as much as 62 percent less, yet generates approximately three times the number of leads. What’s … Read more

The Google Medic Update: How to Get Back That Traffic You Lost

google medic update

In early August 2018, many website owners woke up to a startling new reality. Where once they had brought in impressive numbers as the result of organic search engine hits, now traffic had significantly declined. In some cases, the results were dramatic: 70 percent drops reported to online forums. Soon those webmasters discovered they weren’t alone. … Read more

Contently: Reviews, Features, Prices, and Alternative

clearvoice reviews

There is no denying the importance of content marketing in terms of your potential growth. As stated by DemandMetric, 78 percent of chief marketing officers believe that custom content is the future of marketing. As the digital world evolves, you’ll need to adapt, developing content tailored to your specific audience. If you’re looking for a content marketing … Read more

Writing For The Web: The Best Blog Post Templates for SEO (Free & Paid)

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As content marketers, writing unique and compelling content that brings our readers genuine value is the greatest challenge we face. And that challenge is made more difficult if we have to start from scratch with every blog post. The dreaded blank page and its dastardly friend the blinking cursor. A reliable blog post template can … Read more

The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide: The Do’s, Don’ts, Micro-Influencers, and Top Platforms for Business


When Gary Vaynerchuk talks, people listen – in fact, at least half the planet with access to the internet listens. In more than one recent keynote, Gary Vaynerchuk has called influencer marketing one of the two most important forms of persuasion in all of digital marketing, Facebook ads being the other. “I truly believe that it’s … Read more

The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide: 20 Actionable Tips From The Experts

Digital technology has transformed how people communicate, and it has impacted every aspect of the relationship between consumers and the businesses they patronize. Traditional advertising campaigns that rely on a few attractive images and a list of product benefits simply don’t work anymore. Consumers are paying less attention to the endless barrage of banner and … Read more

So You Want to Be an Inbound Marketer?

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There are two types of marketing to consider: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The two are different – and when it comes to crafting your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the purpose of each and how they can fit into your larger, overall marketing strategy. Later we will also list some additional resources and … Read more