You’ve Created a Blog…Now What?

Creating a solid presence in the online world is just as important as how nice your blog looks. After all you can have a fancy looking blog, but if no one reads it, does it really exist? Once the blog is finished and content is being added regularly be sure to follow up with these important steps to promote your work and get followers!

Create a Facebook Page

Facebook has become a priceless tool to those looking to promote their businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors. Keeping your personal and professional Facebook information separate is a good idea. Create a page, preferably with the same name as your blog and begin to network. This will expose the blog and your content to a larger audience.

Create a Twitter Page

Just like Facebook, Twitter is a must for social promotion of content for freelance writers. Twitter reaches millions of users and who would not want top be part of that? Be sure to keep your Twitter handle in line with your blog name and Facebook page name. Preferably all the same would be great, but often abbreviations or variations are necessary. Just keep the chosen name identifiable as your blog or writing.

Broaden your Horizon

There are a number of websites online that hire content writers or offer the content management of your freelance writing. While some of these sites may not have the pay rate you would prefer, they should not be overlooked. Linking back to your other writing on the blog and then promoting it on Facebook and Twitter will bring your freelance writing full circle. Sometimes spending a little time on these sites and creating a following is worth it when readers ultimately find your blog!

Join a Blogging Network

There are many different types of blogs and blogging networks to join. Find which one is right for your freelance writing and submit you information. This is a fantastic way to broaden your reach and gain valuable exposure within the world of online writing. Many blogging networks will offer advice, tutorials, and even critiques of your blog and your request. While joining is the easy part, the more one participates in a blogging network the more your blog will gain. For instance read and comment on other work and they will likely return the favor.