Wny Businesses Need News-Worthy Press Releases

Although now and then there is talk about the death of the press release as an effective marketing tool, most public relations experts don’t subscribe to this notion. But with so many press releases sent out each day, it is becoming increasingly important for business to submit only new-worthy releases that will actually interest journalists and compel them to run the story. By hiring freelancers with experience in publicity, companies derive a host of benefits such as visibility, increased sales and branding.


A good press release gets a company attention. This free publicity increases peoples’ awareness of your company, products or services. The increased attention leads to more traffic to your website and sales pages. In many cases, business notice more sales from new visitors. Many companies notice an incredible spike in website traffic after a well-written press release is distributed to the relevant industry media outlets. For this reason, some experts recommend sending out a press release every week or every month to keep up the momentum.


With the right distribution of press releases, your company becomes more associated with a particular product or service. This branding can increase the awareness of your company on a global scale. As more people see and hear your company name and logo, they start to see the company as an industry expert. With this credibility factor, potential customers are more likely to trust your company. This leads to more people wanting to do business with you by buying your products and services.

Low-Cost SEO

An online press release that is SEO-friendly also helps with traffic. By using relevant keywords, the press release brings more targeted visitors to a site. Press releases are also relatively low-cost compared to other marketing tools. A freelance writer who knows how to write a press release is an inexpensive investment with a high rate of return. Press releases don’t cost nearly as much as a television ad, radio spot or direct mail campaign.

There are many good reasons for a company to send out press releases to targeted markets. If a company doesn’t have a public relations department, there are freelance writers available to hire for the job. Creating and distributing press releases on a regular basis offers many benefits, all of which eventually result increased sales and profits.