What Blogs Should Freelancers Read On a Regular Basis?

No matter how polished your writing is, if you are freelance writing then you should spend some time perusing blogs to find new information, research potential leads, learn about breakthrough topics, and master your skills. Being a successful content writer cannot be done alone. Luckily, there are many blogs available to help you improve your skills. Want to see some of our favorites?

· ProBlogger
· FreelanceFolder
· Copyblogger
· Write to Done

Why are these blogs our favorite daily reads?

As the top freelance blogging site on the Internet, ProBlogger provides a multitude of information on freelance writing and blogging which regularly attracts some of the best in the business. There are a variety of subjects that provide tips to help writers improve their craft. Since ProBlogger is updated daily with content, you cannot afford to go 24 hours without reading this one.

As another excellent source for freelance writing knowledge, FreelanceFolder teaches you how to leverage your skills to be more successful. The most common topics include utilizing LinkedIn to find gigs, determining rates and how to increase exposure and productivity.

As an expert in creating compelling content that succeeds on the Internet, Copyblogger teaches you how to create an intriguing title with an engaging introduction and extraordinary copy. Furthermore, if you own a blog, Copyblogger will teach you how to optimize your site for the biggest search engines and drive visitors to your website. The best part about Copyblogger? All that information is free.

WAHM or Work at Home Mom is another excellent resource for freelance writers and bloggers. It is a forum that posts job leads, industry news and general information about freelancers. The site also features a number of other categories for work-at-home-moms (and dads). WAHM users provide the links to job leads and their blogs.

Write to Done
The final site every content writer should read is Write to Done, which is dedicated to helping writers reach their objectives. The owner is a seasoned blogger and writer, but more importantly, is an expert on productivity. He approaches his work with a zen-like attitude and features a variety of guest bloggers. This site can help improve the speed of your writing, improve article headlines and utilize creativity to finish more content.