Twitter Etiquette

In the world of freelance writing, Twitter is one of the most valuable content marketing tools you and your blogs will have. Twitter reaches millions of users, but just like other social networks, there are a few simple rules, or etiquette one should follow in order to be successful.

Choose the Right Twitter Handle

When opening a Twitter account be sure to chose a familiar Twitter handle. For instance if you are writing under your real name and not a pen name, you will want to use this name as your Twitter identity. If you are blogging under the name of your blog, then create your Twitter name according to the name of your blog. This will help create a stronger identity across not only Twitter but several social networks. Not only will this help your brand, but bizarre and random names are a red flag to many Twitter users as being spam.

Create a Bio

After establishing a great Twitter handle(user-name) be sure to fill out the bio part of your profile. This will help other tweeters find you that could possibly result in freelance writing opportunities. Also a clearly written bio will help create a reputable identity on Twitter. Use keywords and be clear, offering too much personal information is not appropriate for your freelance writing Twitter account.

Be Courteous

Twitter is a great way to promote content, however bombarding followers with too many promotional tweets may backfire. Be sure to engage with your followers. For instance if a follower re-tweets you message, thank them. Throw in a tweet here and there without any links just to remind your followers you are a real person.

Stay Positive

Positive tweets will go much farther than negative rants will. Remember when tweeting the goal is to engage your readers or followers to click and open your links. Harsh of unfriendly tweets will likely turn others away and even result in blocking you as a follower. It is easy to get caught up in negative banter on Twitter, however this may backfire later on. Remember blogging and freelance writing is a profession, and it is no exception to the rules of professionalism among other writers.

Make it Count

On Twitter 140 character is all you get. Be creative and write tweets that will be eye catching without being offensive. A great way to shrink a tweet and target the right audience is using a hash tag(#). Before a keyword place a hash tag immediately in front. This allows followers who are interested in the content your have created, to find it easier.

Simply stay active on Twitter and be friendly. Freelance writing can be a great career, but using the right tools is important. Twitter can help promote content easily as long as the above are followed!