Tweak It: Tips for using Facebook Timeline for Businesses

A new page layout introduced by Facebook this year is called Facebook Timeline. When this layout is used on business pages, it can dramatically improve your company’s presence on this popular social media network. The beauty of Timeline is that it can quickly be used as part of your marketing campaign. You can hire freelancers to have your Facebook business page created by a professional.

Overall Layout

When reviewing the exact layout of Timeline, you will see a cover photo at the top with a business profile pic in the upper left corner of the page. Below the company page is a link to the “About Us” page. Similar to personal pages, a Facebook Timeline page will include photo albums for your company’s photos. Company pages on Facebook will have tabs that can be customized, and visitors will be able to click to see additional tabs on the right side of the page. The rest of the Facebook page is organized to show milestones or content that is posted to the company’s wall.

Specific Tips and Tweaks

Cover Photo

This will be the most visual item on the page when a customer or client first comes to your business profile. The cover photo should be used from the onset to hook them into browsing further. Some businesses might feel that they should only use content writing in their milestones to attract visitors. However, an eye-catching photo is key to helping your business from the beginning. Businesses are not allowed to us direct advertising or a phone number, but your cover photo can be a picture of your employees, a key product or even your business logo.

Profile Pic

A business is able to place a website address in the profile pic on a Facebook Timeline company page. It will appear in a smaller view than the cover photo. Watermark your profile pic with your business website address to receive maximum exposure. You can also include links to any company blogs.

About Us Page

Web surfers mainly skim a page, instead of reading large blocks of content. Information on your “About Us” page should succinctly let visitors know what your company is about. Include information on why your products and services are beneficial.

Photo Albums

Many companies do not appropriately use their photo albums to advertise their business. With Facebook Timeline, the most recent photos are included as thumbnails at the top of the page. Use this area to show pictures of executives, employees, recent promotions or networking events. Visitors need to see the face behind a company, so use your photo albums to show the faces behind your brand.