These Top Company Blogs Show You How It’s Done

Many companies now have blogs, but most are little more than an extension of the sales department. Each blog post tries to sell or promote the latest products or services. Other blog posts are press releases in disguise. Few companies know how to offer engaging and informative content writing that compels customers, vendors or employees to read the blog regularly. But there are some companies that hire bloggers and use them the right way, to create posts that achieve company goals.


The Starbucks blog is an ongoing brainstorming session. Customers offer ideas on a range of topics from food and drink items to packaging design. Almost 100.000 ideas have been submitted. The company discusses some of the ideas and readers use the comments section to rate the idea or build on it. Starbucks has found a way to keep people thoroughly engaged in the company’s blog.

General Motors

GM was one of the first corporations to use a blog, and today GM often appears on lists of the best corporate blogs. The blog talks about the current GM cars and trucks, but it also discusses driving, design and current issues such as hybrid cars and alternative energy sources.

Disney Parks

The Disney blog offers a behind the scene look at how the parks function. Visitors want to know how the parks create the various attractions, rides and events. The blog discuss the ideas and inspiration the employees use to create the magical experience.

Southwest Airlines

The airline uses its blog to connect with customers and employees alike. The blog discusses a myriad of interesting, but relevant topics. There are posts about travel and destinations, the changing flight attendants uniform, the live concert in the air, and Southwest’s charitable endeavors. The blog succeeds in improving the company’s corporate image.


As a grocery store, Wegman’s faces a lot of competition. To keep things interesting, the company changes its website design every few weeks. The president and employees of the company write blog posts on topics the customers want to know about. There are blog posts about parties and entertaining, meal planning, and recipes and ingredients. Some posts answer customer questions. The goal of the blog is to keep customers engaged, and it does that well.

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