Should Ebooks Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Every type of business can benefit from offering ebooks to customers. Ebooks don’t have to be hundreds of pages long. They can be 10 pages of useful information that help a potential customer make a buying decision. When deciding on a content strategy for your business, you need to consider ebooks in addition to articles, press releases, tweets, emails and newsletters. Ebooks are just another way to communicate with your customers, and you can hire writers to create all the content you need.

Best Uses of Ebooks

You can use ebooks in a variety of ways. The best way to use ebooks is to have them solve a problem a customer has. By offering solutions, you create informed buyers for your products or services. An ebook can be a new creation or a compilation of several articles your company produced over the years. As long as the ebook has a common theme, the collection of articles creates a new ebook that you can distribute.

Many people see ebooks as something of value, more so than articles or blog posts. With a good cover design and bullet points highlighting the most important information, you can get people interested in reading the book.

What an Ebook Does

For one thing, a free ebook about some aspect of your industry is always helpful. You can get email addresses by offering the free ebook as an incentive to website visitors. Once you have an email address, you can build a list of targeted customers to market to.

With an ebook you can also place it on free ebook directory websites. A person can then download your ebook because it offers a solution to a problem they have. Once they start reading, they will see your website address and company name prominently displayed on every page of the ebook. This type of advertising not only serves as clever, free advertising, but it also brings traffic to your site. The ebook also establishes your company as an expert.

An ebook is also good as a free bonus when someone places an order with your company. With imagination, you can find many ways to use ebooks as a marketing tool.

Getting an Ebook Written

Although some business owners like to write, most hire writers to complete the task. It is not hard to find an ebook writer. The hard part is finding a good ebook writer. There are many ways to find a writer who is willing to ghostwrite a book for you. Placing ads for freelance writing jobs is one way, but a more efficient way to hire freelancers is to use a company that has hundred of skilled and screened writers on hand to help you with your ebook writing needs. This is an easier way to find an experienced ebook writer.