How to Write Quality and Profitable Freelance Articles

Freelance writing is an excellent way to display your creativity. However, always keep in mind that the articles you write have a commercial purpose. Most articles are posted on websites with the purpose of pre-selling a specific product or service. Thus, no matter how creative an article is – it is of no value to the customer if it does not entice readers to take a desirable action. Flaunting your vocabulary and incorporating flowery language does not make an article good. On the contrary, a good article is one that is easy to understand and contains useful information for the reader. Here are five tips on how to write quality and profitable freelance articles:

Acquaint Yourself with the Basics of Commercial Writing

  1. Keyword: A keyword is the theme of the article and it is the most important aspect of an article. It is typed in by users into search engines and it is the component that generates traffic to websites. Keywords may not necessarily be a word; they could also be phrases.
  2. Keyword density: keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword is repeated in an article. A keyword density of 1% means that the keyword is repeated once every hundred words. Thus, in a 500-word article, the keyword will be repeated five times in order to maintain a keyword density of 1%. Ideally, keywords should be evenly spaced throughout the entire article.
  3. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a process used by webmasters to rank their websites higher in search engine results. Higher ranking is synonymous with higher visibility and ultimately, high traffic. The two golden rules of SEO are posting quality articles and building a high number of quality back links.

Always Follow the Client’s Instructions Precisely

Webmasters employ innovative techniques to determine what kinds of articles are most likely to generate higher traffic. Thus, their instructions are not based on random guesswork, but on detailed calculations. If the writer fails to follow the instructions – then the articles will not produce the desired results, and they will be rejected. Remember that you are writing to please the customer, not yourself.

Verify All Facts before Including Them in Your Article

Your article may be posted on high quality websites and inaccurate information could get the website owner into trouble. Fabrication of facts also decreases your credibility as a writer. Many writers write ‘fluffy’ content just to ‘fill’ the article and reach the expected word count. It is recommended that you strictly avoid this approach. Remember that fresh, original and quality articles are in top demand, and clients will reward such work with generosity.

Always Abide By Deadlines

Punctuality indicates that you are serious about your work. Treat deadlines as you would like the client to treat your payment. There is no room for incompetency and sloppiness in any profession and the same holds true for freelance writing.

Write Professionally

Treat each article as a means to establish a potential long-term contract with the client. Take special care to ensure that every article is free of errors and is as accurate as possible.

In conclusion, format your article in a logical, smooth flowing and coherent manner. Use bullet points or short paragraphs to emphasize your views, and include an introduction and a conclusion in every article. Remember that presentation is as important as the content itself.