How Telling a Story Increases Sales

Stories have always been a part of human existence. Everyone likes a good story that is exciting, suspenseful, emotional and entertaining. It should be no surprise that storytelling has made its way into the marketing world as well. People want to know how a product or service impacts a person’s life. By visualizing the details of a story, a potential customer has a much better idea and understanding of what a product or service is all about. This understanding leads to more sales.

How to Get Stories For Your Business

There are a few ways to get stories. One is with case studies, also called success stories. Case studies detail a problem a customer has, and how a particular service or product helps to solve that problem. The end of the story shows the results and how that customer is now better off. When a business owner decides to hire writers to write case studies or success stories, the writer describes a product or service in action. The study shows real world applications and real world results.

Reviews can also tell a story. Many sites now allow customers to submit reviews. This is a way for a company to learn what is working and what needs improvement. But reviews also help potential buyers. Some customers write narrative reviews, which tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. These types of reviews elicit a more emotional connection to a product or service. This feeling can make a person want to buy a product or service.

Another form of storytelling is testimonials. When people have a wonderful experience with a company, they are often eager to share this information. Asking customers for feedback or testimonials is an excellent way to show others that your products and services benefit real people just like them. Many people let customer feedback help them with a buying decision. The best customer testimonials reveal how a product or a service made their lives easier or solved a problem.

Do You Need Writers for Storytelling?

For case studies, it is a wise move to hire freelancers, who specialize in case studies. Although some companies use writers to create testimonials, this isn’t ethical. It is better to solicit feedback from actual customers, and then have writers edit the testimonials for brevity and grammar. If a writer does make changes, it is important to ask the customer for permission to publish the altered testimonial. When it comes to reviews, many customers are happy to offer their opinions. Although some companies use writers to craft positive reviews for them, it is probably not a good idea to do this. Trust is important when building a business.

When you do need writers for case studies or to edit testimonials, you can use a freelance writing marketplace that has professional writers available for all your writing needs. These writers have the skill and experience you need for great storytelling.