Bloggers: How Can You Make Your LinkedIn Profile Look Good?

LinkedIn has become a mainstream function of business, and it is important for presenting your qualifications to the industry, especially in the freelance writing marketplace. Boasting an excellent LinkedIn profile is as important as distributing a perfect resume to potential employers. There are many tips that can help you make your LinkedIn profile look professional and intriguing. These include:

· Clear headline and summary
· Professional photo
· List relevant positions
· Use job-related keywords

Clear Headline and Summary

Most potential employers make a decision as to who they are going to review directly from the search results page. The recruiter has a specific position to fill so they are immediately focused on finding a qualified candidate. The headline must be concise, clear and descriptive of your primary objective. LinkedIn is a professional resource and must be treated as such.

Professional Photo

Since LinkedIn is a professional online resource for corporate recruiters, they want to ensure they hire the best candidate for the job. Although image is not everything, it is still important, and your photograph will appear in the search results. To acquire professional photos you simply need to visit your local studio and pay for a one-hour session. For those that are unable to have professional photos taken, ask a friend of family member to snap a photograph. In either situation, make sure to wear business attire.

List Relevant Positions

When inputting your freelance writing employment history, make sure to only add positions that are relevant to the job in which you are seeking or industry you are in. Coffee shops, pizza joints, clothing stores and similar jobs are not representative of where you want your career to go. Hiring managers must see your progression from one writing job to another.

Use Job-Related Keywords

Finding your LinkedIn profile comes down to the way in which recruiters search the web. Those with more targeted keywords are more likely to appear higher on search results. Recruiters typically enter keywords like Product Manager, Developer, User Experience or specific titles in that field. Although you may have experience in the desired field, a human resources manager may not be searching for that. Instead, he or she will be entering the specific job title for which the company is hiring.