5 Tips for Getting Started in the Freelance Writing Industry

The world of freelance writing has become a booming, stay-at-home business with thousands of people, particularly women, desiring to stay home with their children. Freelance writing has given these writers the opportunity to stay at home and take care of their families, yet still bring in a much needed income.

Getting started in the freelance writing industry is not as hard as you think. You won’t make a great deal of money when you are first starting out, but with time and perseverance, you can build up your clientele and make a reasonable income.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Find a quiet corner that you can call your own. You will want to have a desk, your computer, a comfortable chair, plenty of pens and some paper near by. Your corner should be in a room with a door, if possible. You will not always want to work there, but it will be there and all set up when you do feel like working there. If you have a laptop or a netbook, you can go just about anywhere and work. Sitting outside in your yard among nature is a particularly favorite writing spot for some people. Let people know that you are working or you will not be taken seriously. Answer the door and/or the phone only for emergencies when you are working.
  2. Set up a professional looking writing website that features articles and blogs that you have created. This gives you the opportunity to direct any future clients to samples of your work. Other ways of getting your writing noticed is through blogs on other sites, tweets and other online social media sites.
  3. Find websites that are looking for freelance writers, and go for it. You can work for several companies at the same time, so that you have plenty of eggs in your basket. Remember what they say about not placing all of your eggs in one basket. It is best to find as many as you can to write for. When one site doesn’t have work, there will always be another one to go to. Remember to do your finest work on each article, proofread it when you are done, and spell check it. Take the time to make it shine!
  4. Make it a point to scour the Internet each day for new freelance writing offers. You can even try your hand at writing for magazines, although this can take a significant amount of time to get a response back on.
  5. As you showcase your fine work, your clientele will build, and you will become sought after by some clients. This is always a good feeling. Be sure that you turn in your best quality work and pay attention to deadlines. Clients want writers that are dependable.

Freelance writing can give you a great deal of enjoyment. What once started as a hobby in your earlier years can easily turn in to a career in your later years.

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