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I hope you've been having a great week, so far! Have you made any plans for the weekend yet? If not, here's an idea: share your story! Many researchers have concluded that when you write and share your story, you actually feel better about yourself. If you've experienced something wonderful, sharing it with others just spreads the joy even further, because other people just want to be part of your happiness. Perhaps you've been through something that was pretty tough to handle. Sometimes, you need to write your story just to understand what's happened and process it, before you start to take action. When you also share that experience with others, you tell them "it's okay. I know what you're going through and you can make it." Your story can inspire and empower others. After you publish your story, share it with your networks on social media. Often, your story is "right on time" for someone else, and when they share that feedback, like or comment on your story or your social post, you'll feel something pretty awesome: connection, validation, encouragement and support. Whether it's something new or something you've already written, we invite you to share it with us. Share something beautiful, something funny, something painful, something difficult, something unusual or something you just need to get out. Just express yourself and share your personal story. You might be telling yourself that no one cares about your stories, that they're not interesting, that there is nothing special about them. Nothing could be further from the truth. EVERYONE has a story, because everyone has experiences and memories. And that's where your stories are: in your experiences and memories, in your hopes and your dreams. Maybe your story isn't finished. Maybe you don't have a lot of time to write. Maybe you don't think your writing is very good. If you've been putting your story off for any of these reasons, we have a place for you to work on your own pace, without the fear of judgment, and with as much feedback and help as you want. It's called Collaboration Stories. When you share your story here, people will know your work isn't finished yet. You can save multiple versions, invite feedback from your friends and have a place to write and save your story. And we can even help you with your story if you need it. Let's recap: Writing your story makes you feel better Writing your story helps you make sense of your experiences Sharing your story can inspire and empower others Sharing your story in progress enables you to request feedback and get help That's pretty much it for now. The only thing left is for you to start writing and sharing your stories.

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