Writing Outside the Box

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

Chances are you have been told how to find motivation and creativity for your writing so many times that you no longer listen to such advice. No matter how many motivational speeches or writing tricks you are given, they only work for some, leaving many others without direction. Instead of strictly following that advice, modify and update it to suit your own preferences.

Capturing Creativity

Many writers recommend carrying a pad of paper and pencil to quickly jot down ideas. However, it's not always practical to hold both on your person, and you might find yourself accidentally leaving them at home. Instead, use your smartphone. Download the free Evernote app for a fast and user-friendly way to quickly jot down ideas. This handy tool can sync between your tablet, phone and computer, making your ideas available anywhere.

Organize your Writing

A great piece of software for all writers is Scrivener. This software will allow you to lay out your various writing projects, easily integrate and organize research and keep you on track with deadlines and word counts.

Eliminate Distractions

Writing distractions can destroy your productivity. For those looking to eliminate writing distractions, Zen Writer is a good choice. It's just "you and your thoughts" according to their website. Many find the optional typewriter sound helps with concentration.

Inspire Yourself by Varying Your Routine

Change your routine, if only slightly. Take a walk with your dog to a new location. Visit that historic site you always mean to visit. Do something different. The very act of visiting a new place, seeing something new will not only give you new ideas to draw from, but it will also wake up your brain. One of the hallmarks of the freelance writer is independence. Finding a single factor that motivates all writers is like herding cats. It's worth it to take the time to ask yourself why you are a writer. What about writing speaks to you personally? What do you hope to achieve through your writing? Motivation is highly personal, find what works for you and remind yourself often. To Read More About Education, See Below :Taking an Online Class for Fun: How to SucceedHow to be a Self-Directed LearnerTop 4 Tips to Jumpstart Brain Performance

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