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Wisdom and Writing: I believe writing comes easier as we age. It's probably that wisdom we attain. The wisdom our parents and grandparents told us about. I began writing in grade school. I had entered essay contests and won runner-up twice. The first time I was in 5th grade and beat out 8th graders. The second time I was in 8th grade and lost to a male classmate. Receiving the trophies was so cool back then. It also started the next phase of my writing career. The beginning of the personal, lockable "diary years". The diary was my first experience of "journaling" my personal feelings in writing. It was fun and a coping mechanism. Some days I wrote what happened, other days I wrote details of my feelings. I kept a diary from 1975 to 1980. It ended in 1980 when my mom found it and read an entry she should not have seen. Yes, the virginity loss entry. That was not fun. Back to the diary. It included the usual, boy crushes, boy problems, boy dreams and all the feelings that go with it. Sadness, depression, happiness, giggles, and excitement. I still have my diaries. Occasionally I will read them and laugh. Some good laughs, too ! From July of 1976 to November of 1977 my diary was overflowing with "Robbie". He was my first love and the diary entries cover the joys and sadness of first love. Writing down my feelings helped me get over my first love after he broke up with me for another girl. My diary was my "go-to-man" on so many occasions. Having not read my old diaries in over 10 years, I went back recently to find an entry. A few weeks ago I ran into an old "crush" at a festival. I really don't remember much about that crush, but I did remember he was an entry in my old diary in 1977. I had to go back and find that entry. When I did, I just smiled and laughed. Too bad that when I was at the festival I didn't tell him "I remember you, but I don't remember much, but I do know you made the cut in my diary sometime in 1977.…lol."

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Retired December 2017 after 27 years working as an office administrator for a public non-profit agency that worked with consumers with developmental disabilities. I have always been told that I am a great writer and I felt the passion for this talent since grade school. Now that I am retired, I believe it is time to "wet my whistle" and dig in deep to explore the writing opportunities that await me.
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