Windows 10: the new Sun Valley interface appears a little more

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A minor change in interface hidden by Microsoft has been activated by Internet users.

Microsoft is making ready a huge update on Windows 10 for the stop of the year. Known through the code call Sun Valley , this update is slowly coming to fruition every month.

We expect a complete overhaul of the Microsoft Store with policy changes that could disrupt the marketplace. But Sun Valley ought to certainly deliver its percentage of aesthetic changes to make Windows 10 greater modern-day and regular.


We may be interested by an alternate that Microsoft has now not announced, however which seemed within the ultimate builds of Windows 10 inside the Insider application.

This exchange modifications of the menu that deploy with a proper click on a taskbar application. The list seems in a rounded window cut loose the taskbar.

To make this alteration appear, it's far more important to undergo the activation of a hidden variable (flag) inside the Shell Experience Host.Exe method, way to the Visual Studio software program. This is the system that manages the Windows 10 taskbar.

By activating the ideal variable ("JumpListRestyledAcrylic") we gain the brand new menu.


This alternate, which might also appear minor in isolation, confirms the previous leaks concerning Sun Valley.

In specific, we had the right to a mockup of Windows Central on the brand new features expected from Sun Valley. For the start menu, we found this idea of ​​a separate and rounded menu.


For now, Sun Valley's modifications are still relatively inconspicuous in Windows 10.

Microsoft might put together a larger preview model, the presentation of which would be scheduled for the Build conference. The developer event can be online only this 12 months and will take place from May 25 to 27, 2021.

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